Bodega Bilbaines is a well-known producer of wine and cava in Spain. We made this print ad to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Viña Pomal, one of the Bodega’s most popular reds.

COPY: Celebrating a century of Viña Pomal

Viña Pomal was also a sponsor of the “Chef of the Year” competition in Spain, a well-known event where hundreds of chefs go head-to-head for culinary supremacy.

COPY: Who will be Spain's next great chef?


We put these posters up in tennis courts around the Greater Toronto Area.


George Simhoni doesn’t need advertising, but we gave him some anyway. This ad commemorates thirty years of photography – and one permanent disfigurement.

COPY: Celebrating 30 years of great photography


Canadians love to travel, and the International Food Festival at Jack Astor’s gave them a chance to experience the world without leaving the comfort of their padded booths.  


A print ad that encouraged drinkers to call 1-800-TAXIGUY before they got behind the wheel.


These print ads were part of an ongoing “Doing amazing things with diesel” campaign. In the WTCC, teams are free to use petrol or diesel engines as they see fit, with the advantage usually going to petrol teams like BMW and Chevrolet. In its 5 years of racing, SEAT racked up 32 wins and made motor sport history for being the first diesel car to win back-to-back championships in 2008 and 2009.


A nice little ad we did for the Jetta 1.8 Turbo. These days, It’s rare to find a car ad without a car in it (that isn’t spec), so I’m glad we pulled this one off.


Volkswagen and movies go together like Roman Polanski and underage girls.


WestJet prides itself on being nicer than other airlines (in my opinion, it doesn’t take much to be nicer than Air Canada). Although I never got the honour of seeing one of my headlines on the side of a plane, I am happy to present some headlines that made it into the paper.

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